Frequently asked questions…

Q: Do you produce your products?
A: Yes we do and they are packed by us.

Q: How do you know they are gluten free?
A: Our chief baker is totally intolerant to any amount of wheat, we have no wheat on the premises, we have checked our suppliers and have also gone back to the manufactures, for reassurance.

Q: How fresh are your products?
A: Our products are baked fresh daily and delivered within 1 to 2days except Flapjacks which have a 3 months shelf life.

Q: What preservatives do you use?
A: The only preservatives we use is a natural one and any preservative in our main compound ingredients.This natural ingredient gives us a shelf life of up to 5 weeks on some products, all our products have the BBD on.

Q: Can we buy WGF Bakery Products direct?
A: Yes you can but we prefer people in Wales to go direct to their local stockist if possible.

Q: Why don’t you sell direct?
A: We like to support our retailers as best we can as they support us by stocking our products.

Q: Do prices vary from retailer to retailer?
A: We give a guide price which we know works well, some shops prices vary.

Q: How will you send out items?
A: By post or parcel carrier. Or at your nearest stockist

Q: Do you put cooking instructions on products that need cooking?
A: Yes we do, they are a guide as cookers/microwaves vary in cooking times.